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Most Accounting Firms mention Sub-Contractors in their letter of Engagement. You can add Outsourcing.

Clients are primarily interested in the work being done on time.

They expect the Partners of the Firm or the Sole Practitioner to guarantee that quality work is delivered on time.

They know you. They trust you.

For most if not all, as long as their prime documents are not leaving your office they are not concerned who does the work.

Clients do not normally Instruct your Firm and say.

  • I want Mr. X to do my Bank Statements
  • l wants Mrs. Y to do my Accounts Preparation
  • I want Ms Z to do my Tax Returns

We have never had that experience.

We have not been informed by any client that they had to reduce fees once they have informed their clients that they were sub contracting /outsourcing work

We have never had that experience

We have not been informed by a single client of ours that they have lost a client because they started to sub contract/outsource.

We complete a Fit & Proper Form as designed by the ICAEW.

This ensures that you have no difficulties with your Insurer and your cover is not affected in any way.

We do not recommend that you make anyone redundant.

It is important to re-assure all staff members that their jobs are safe.

On the contrary Outsourcing with DASPL should

  • Improve your level of service to your client.
  • Increase salaries for your staff members as Profits will rise.
  • Increase job security as your Firm will be offering more services and more work will be coming in.
  • Upgrade the job profile of each staff member who wants to.
  • Improve working environment and conditions as Profits will rise.
  • Enable you to offer full range of services: i.e. VAT. Bookkeeping, Payroll, Accounts, Audit, Tax Returns.

Growth in fees generally requires more human resources. This is where DASPL comes in. Your need to recruit and train more staff members will be greatly reduced. You will have big savings in recruitment and training costs.

In addition the normal substantial capital costs involved in growth will be virtually eliminated.

Growth can now happen without the need of capital finance.

No need to make cash flow projections. Uncertainty is simply not there.

Your growth in fees can now happen along with a guaranteed rise in profits

Outsourcing with DASPL will succeed but you need to be committed to it. It will not work otherwise. Think of taking on an employee, full time or part time.

Will you simply give them a box of documents and leave them alone?

Clear Instructions need to be given.

We will take care of the rest.

At present (1st Jan, 2016) we are servicing daily over 90 Chartered Accountants and Chartered Certified Accounting Practices spread throughout England, Scotland and Wales. They range from Sole Practitioners to 8 Partner Firms. In addition, we are working on an adhoc basis for over 100 Chartered Accountants and Chartered Certified Accounting Practices spread throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

If your Firm wants to

  • Eliminate Overtime
  • Guarantee Quality Work on Time to its Clients
  • Better the working environment of Its Staff and Partners
  • Increase real income of its Staff and Partners
  • Eliminate Tension and Pressure
  • Grow profitably
  • Increase Constituency Work
  • Have a Happier Team and Happier Clients
  • Increase Profits

Our prime objectives in providing subcontracting and outsourcing services have always been to Complete your Accounting, Admin and Tax work as instructed.

1. To provide the same quality and accuracy. If not better as per your present standards.

2. Faster and economical.

And at the same time to provide our friendly service with a smile, full confidentiality and full security. We are eager to work; we have a Passion for work and we want to work with all our clients as best as we possibly can and with a view to constantly raise standards.

We have to receive full and clear instructions from you so that there are no setbacks.

It is important that everyone realizes that our staff members are human. They are not robots and mind readers. Many an Accountancy Firm will simply forward us documents and expect perfect accounts at the other end, without any input as to instructions, response to queries, replies to phone calls etc. In brief, no communication, no delegation, no instruction. Obviously one can imagine the end results. Please look upon our staff as your own. If you fail to give proper guidelines, instructions etc. even your own staff will not produce the quality work you expect, unless of course they were already fully trained by you (which would be the same in our Instance.) In the initial stages, it is important to allocate some hours of your time to us to ensure that we build up the right understanding levels and that we are given the assistance to prove to you that we can produce the quality work your Firm is looking for.

Whilst we own licenses to some 85% Accounting and Taxation software, we do not have a library access to all. In the event your Firm or your client is using software for which we do not have a license, one does expect a copy to be forwarded to us, under the strict understanding that it will be used only for your Firms and your clients work. This way we are not breaking any licensing rules. Passwords should also be given to us in order we can operate the software.

Substantial time has been lost in conveying this basic message.

Obviously if you are not going to be able to send us a copy of the relevant software copy, there is no point in giving us that work to do.

Equally important, software houses neither support nor permit back dated software versions to be bought; thereby even If we did wish to purchase we would not be in a position to do so. Your co-operation in this matter is therefore required to progress further.

We are happy to pay for your 2nd site software Fees.

We have also had the painful experience of realizing that there are staff members and Partners who do not want outsourcing to succeed in fear of job losses. Very important those Firms consult their staff and all Partners are in agreement before you venture out on Outsourcing.

There are Firms who simply are not ambitious and are not growing. Outsourcing serves no purpose for them, for possibly they are overloaded by some 5-10 files a year, which they can if they want to, simply re-schedule.

It is important you read our weekly emails which inform you of what information we are still awaiting for and respond to them. Equally it is important to respond to other e-mails and phone calls. We can only do our work if you communicate with us.

Provided all Information is received to complete your instructions, the average turnaround time is expected to be as follows, from receipt

Accounts----------------------------------------------------------------21 days

Audit--------------------------------------------------------------------- As time agreed

Tax Returns -----------------------------------------------------------3 days

VAT Returns-----------------------------------------------------------3 days

Book-Keeping-------------------------------------------------------- 3-5 days or as programmed

Payroll------------------------------------------------------------------ 24 hours (possibly 6)

Sales and Purchase Ledger---------------------------------------- 2 days (or as programmed)

Bank Reconciliation -------------------------------------------------------------- 3 days

Management Accounts-------------------------------------------- 3 days

Cash Flow Projections---------------------------------------------3 days

Order Processing and Sales Invoicing -------------------------- 24 hours (possibly 6)

Credit Control and Debt Management ---------------------------As time schedules agreed

Let us work together in harmony. Please think of Outsourcing as an employee who needs clear instructions and guidelines. We will phone you and email you, and we request you give us some of your busy time, to reply to our queries. Please forward us missing information and guide us wherever necessary. Your early response is really required in order that your Firm's work is done quickly, with quality and accuracy and to your utmost satisfaction.

Common sense tells one and all, when a new employee joins a Firm, it takes that person a good month to settle down. All we are asking is a few hours. A new employee needs to be given instructions clearly and explicitly and YES it does take some time for an understanding to be built upon.

We need to know your exact standards, your style of working and your style of file presentation. If you do not tell us what those are, who will?

Without your positive active participation, your initial enthusiasm and commitment, outsourcing will simply not work.

After we have completed a few files, especially after we have completed the first 5, you will see that we have understood your whole style, approach etc and you will find that your new employee, so as to speak, has settled down and is working to the best of your expectations.